Gas fireplaces: style and convenience

The advantages of gas heating

The charm and the atmosphere created by a fireplace is truly unique; with an elegant design, they are able to give warmth and sophistication to any room. Installing one of these systems in a room is often difficult since sometimes, long and expensive masonry work is required. Gas fireplaces instead, combine the beauty of traditional fireplaces with the convenience and ease of use of a normal heating system.


The advantages of gas fireplaces are many:

  • easy fuel supply and low operating costs;
  • less encumbrance;
  • the possibility to avoid loading wood;
  • not having to collect ashes, or clean the chimney frequently;
  • low maintenance.


    Installation of prefabricated fireplaces

    Guarducci Mario is a company engaged in many services, including the sale and installation of gas-powered fireplaces, perfect for all kinds of rooms, from the small city apartment to the mountain chalet.

    Gas fireplaces are quick and easy to install: our staff is also available to provide the connection to the home network and offer customers a comprehensive service, with technical assistance and maintenance.


    The company, active in Prato, Florence and Pistoia, offers a selection of durable systems, able to maintain functionality and beauty over time, with a sleek design and innovative technology, giving you the possibility to customise the product with the materials and measurements you prefer.

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