Flooring and cladding

Artistic ceramics

Guarducci Mario offers a wide choice of bathroom ceramics, from those of Musa and Francesco De Maio to those entirely hand-made of Antiqua Domus.


The search for the most innovative and trendy solutions never ends, for this reason we have included mosaics by Sicis and by Trend and Appiani ceramics in our catalogue.


For more information on the work performed and on the items we deal in, please contact us at +39 0574 22227: an operator will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Wood flooring

Naturalness and brightness make wood the most healthy and suitable material for floors. The options range from pre-finished to floating up to the classic solid wood flooring.

Handmade ceramics

Porcelain stoneware definitely represents the ideal material for indoor and outdoor use.


Visit our show room full of marble, glass and stone mosaics suitable for flooring and wall cladding, Venetian enamels, mosaic works and panels and decorations.

Cotto tiles

Cotto tiles come as a poor material but thanks to innovations, they have undergone a process of enrichment that can greatly embellish them.

Industrial floors

Industrial floors in granite, marble and porphyry, if properly clad, give shape to excellent products with remarkable aesthetic appearance.

Among the many series of items on sale we propose Laufen and Duravit sanitary ware.


Guarducci is pure marble craftsmanship thanks to a personal search for the slabs combined with direct suggestions to the customer in order to ensure full satisfaction with the final result.

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